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I am Daniel Rajendran

Hi! My name is Daniel

I'm a digital jack-of-all-trades, working and living in London. I have seven years of experience performing a wide variety of roles with fast-paced tech startups.

Since graduating with a BSc in Computing & Interaction Design, I've performed many roles, from web developer to project manager, email marketer to print artist. Regardless of the job title, at heart, I just love designing and building things.

Daniel Rajendran - Designer

Design is in the details

Like every teenager with a computer, I started out using Photoshop to slap filters on things. When I grew up and started designing for the web, I moved to Fireworks. When I had to design artwork for a conference, my Googling lead me to Illustrator. When I needed to design detailed datasheets and brochures, I discovered InDesign. When I got the taste for UX and wanted to make application mockups, I found Sketch.

My design preferences are always evolving, but whether its a photo, logo, illustration, application mockup, or document, I know which application is the best fit, and how to use it.

Daniel Rajendran - Web Developer

Built to code

I'm primarily a front-end web developer, using HTML, CSS, and javascript to create web content, but I've also done a little bit of back-end PHP to support front-end features. I've worked on various different CMS systems, from the super lightweight Jekyll, to the highly customisable WordPress, for which I have also designed themes and written plugins.

As I've mostly been the only web developer in my team, I've been involved in all stages of bringing a website to life. Whether it be spinning up new server instances, turning the team's ideas into high-fidelity mockups, turning those mockups into working code, or cross-browser testing the final product before release, I've tried my hand at everything.

Daniel Rajendran - Marketer

Marketing made easy

As part of a marketing team, I've been responsible for implementing and using various different EMS and CRM systems, such as Aprimo, SalesForce, Eloqua, MailChimp and Marketo.

This included integrating the systems with our websites, designing and implementing emails and forms, and creating and managing emails and campaigns.

While managing various marketing and blog sites, I've also been responsible for search engine optimisation, studying site analytics, site optimisation, and A/B testing.

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